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Decorate candles not only in color, shape, or aroma.

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Candles are common objects in the community. However, compared with a zoom, a candle is better known for its function as a light, especially in times of power outages. However, now more than just objects candle light giver, white objects can also be used as a sweetener room.
When not lit, the wax can be accessories and ornaments, while when switched on, they may bring a dramatic effect in the room. Display candles were already more diverse than ever. Typically, candles were placed in a glass beaker, there were colored, and even scented therapy.
Decorate the interior with decorative candle is not limited to color, shape, or aroma. Everyone can still be creative with its surface to produce a display of candles are more beautiful and certainly makes the interior more interesting.
Selection of Containers
Candles that have been placed in a glass container can still be given another so that when placed in a room look more attractive. There are various places that can be used, such as large-sized vase. Inside the vase do not forget to add accessories or decoration, eg, sand, water, leaves, or dried flowers. More so if the container has a wax carving or sculpture. That way, when lit, the candle can produce beautiful shadow. It could also put a candle in a uniquely shaped candleholder.
placement Candles
Candles can be placed in any corner of the room, most people put candles on the dining table, bedroom, or coffee table. Wherever it is, keep candles out of the air vents or air conditioner. Try also to ensure that the wax is not exposed to direct sunlight because it will fade the color and eliminates shape when melted. In addition, if the size of a small candle, for it stand out, choose an interesting-shaped container or brightly colored. Use some candles, can also be of different sizes, and then stacking them close together.
decorate Candles
If not put candles in wdah attractive, decorative candles can be your own. For example, a candle was drawn with acrylic paint. If a candle is placed in a glass container, the glass can be decorated. Be creative and create a gorgeous view to beautify the interior space. Glass can be stickers, decorated with laces, sprinkled with beads, ribbons or installed.

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