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UpdatedApr 24, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 24, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Streaming Electronic Music Service. Mixed Ambient, Trance, House & Progressive. is an on-demand streaming music service providing some of the best mainstream and underground DJ mixes. The service primarily focuses on modern electronic Dance music like House, Progressive and Trance, but also has more relaxed genres like Chillout, Tropical House & Ambient.

This App contains free samples that will provide you with an insight of the type of music available. You will also be able to see the currently available genres and the amount of available mixes.

New mixes are added every few days - We try and add at least one mix to each genre. Most mixes are 1-2 hours long. As the App popularity increases, we will add more and more content daily.

If you like a mix, you are able to play it again and again. Plus you can fast forward, rewind and pause as if the mix was stored on your device!

To stream all the library (Thousands of hours!) - You will need to subscribe. One months unlimited access costs less than a cup of Coffee!

What if I don't want a recurring subscription?
Subscribe as normal, then cancel your subscription renewal in the Play Store app (Subscriptions section) - You will still get one months access as you have paid for it, but the subscription will not auto-renew.

What does my money pay for? Play Store commission, Government Tax, Server data charges, development costs, audio licensing, absence of advertisements and Coffee - There is not much left after that!

What quality is the music encoded / streamed at? The music has been encoded in multiple qualities which will adapt to the quality of your network connection and your chosen subscription.

In event your current internet speed cannot sustain high quality audio (Driving through a bad signal area etc), the App will drop down to a quality it can sustain to prevent buffering and silence.

The available speeds are as follows;

Standard Quality Subscription = 20 - 80Kbps
Premium Quality Subscription = 20 - 256Kbps

Do I own the music? No - As with any radio / streaming service, if you want to purchase a copy of a track you hear, you must purchase it from your chosen music download site. We are aiming in future versions to list each track as it plays so you can purchase it from the producer. In the interim, you may use a music recognition service to identify and purchase the tracks.

Are there single tracks on this service? No, all music is 'mixed' end to end by DJ's to provide a "continual" feel.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.