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Deep Sleep: Sounds, Relax, Rehab & Biorhythms

1.17 · Mar 10, 2021

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Version1.17 (11)
UpdatedMar 10, 2021
DeveloperV. Smilyk
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

Deep Sleep: Sounds, Relax, Rehab & Biorhythms app

How to Sleep Better? Improve your sleep with biorhythms

By using our unique methods, which take into account your biorhythms and other objective data (scientific data for sportsmen and astronauts training), our app matches sound mixes depending on your goal (falling asleep faster and getting a good sleep or becoming more productive).

With the help of AI you can beat sleeplessness, fall asleep faster, recover your strength, no matter how stressful your day is and how much time you have to relax.

You can get a second breath during workout without extra supplements and greater effort. It’ll bring you better results and prevent the wish to stop your training.

It all became true with the help of scientific knowledge about sleeping. Biorhythms are periodic changes of processes in your body. It is your personal calendar and a law of your life.
Our App uses info about 3 of your cycles:

1. Physical - 23 days. Depending on that cycle your level of energy, coordination, resilience and strength varies from low to high, affecting the ability to cope with stress and get results during workout.

2. Emotional - 28 days. Determines your emotional state everyday, your mood, ability to cope with workload, and recovery speed.

3. Intellectual - 33 days. Affects your creativity, ability to memorize and process info, logic and decision making. It determines the speed of learning and ability to resolve complex and less complex issues.

Comparing your biorhythms to other people’s biorhythms you can plan your life better, improve relationships with others, and stay more focused, avoid conflicts in teamwork - so you can enjoy a better quality of life.


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