Defence Commando: Death War is an amazing first person shooter 3D bazooka game


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Aug 14, 2016

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Defence Commando: Death War GAME

Defence Commando Death War is first person shooter bazooka game. Bazooka weapon is used to strike your enemies. The gameplay and graphics are amazing. A team of developers worked hard to provide you the best gaming experience to users in a battle environment. Defence Commando Death War game is enriched with immersive 3D effects and background battle music. In Defence Commando Death War you will be equipped with a bazooka to strike with and to kill your rivals. You have to strike and shoot enemy targets that involve Tanks, Helicopters, and Jet Fighter planes. You have a limited number of bullets or ammo.

Defence Commando Death War offers earning money in the game. Money can be earned by shooting enemy targets which can be used for buying more ammo and health packs to clear higher levels. Your player soldier plays a defensive role, strikes and shoots the enemy before they attack your barrack. Defence Commando Death War is a serious combat, if you fail to shoot the enemy, you are dead. Don't let your enemy win this combat. Defence Commando Death War is completely free to download and play. We hope you enjoy the game.

Defence Commando Death War Game Features:
Multiple Difficulty Levels
Bazooka First Person Shooter
Advance Radar System
Ammo and Health Store Purchasing
Awesome Background Music
Action Gaming Experience
Immersive 3D Effects
Amazing 3D Environments
Entertaining Gameplay
Enemy Strikes with Tanks, Helicopters, Jet Fighters
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