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Version1.0.9 (53)
UpdatedMay 15, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperCompanionLink Software
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Speak it and it will be written. DejaVoice is a customizable Speech-to-Text transcription, Speech recognition (SR), and Text-to-speech (TTS) system. Dictate notes, stories, letters, and lists and then email them to yourself for later. Cut and paste text that the phone can read out loud to tell a story and communicate to others. Automatic read-back so you don’t need to look at the phone for confirmation.

DejaVoice has advanced correction mode; single-word corrections, multiple word corrections, and advanced dictionary. Use these modes to get names spelled correctly to easily correct sentences “hands-free” and to use auto-replacement for standard paragraph text.

Text is stored by Folder and Subject, shared via Email or SMS, and imported from other "share" sources.

Free Version:
* Speech-to-Text transcription
* Speech recognition (SR)
* Text-to-speech (TTS)
* Dictate, automatic read-back
* Customizable dictionary
* 5 cut-and-paste operations per week
* 5 shares per week

Full Version includes:
* Unlimited copy/paste operations
* Unlimited share/email operations
* Invitation to test and review upcoming features

Examples of people who use DejaVoice:
* Business professionals who need dictation on the road
* Doctors, medical professionals, lawyers, paralegals
* Students, researchers, interviewers
* Hearing impaired that need voice captioning
* Speech impaired that need an easy speaking tool

DejaVoice works best with a microphone, which eliminates the need to have your phone in your face all the time. With Android 4.0 and higher, Bluetooth headsets are fully supported for both speaking and listening. Just turn on your headset, start DejaVoice, and start talking.

DejaVoice uses Google's Speech-to-Text voice engine. The difference between DejaVoice and Google Voice is:

* DejaVoice is designed for business use. You can correct once or correct continually for words that Google Voice gets wrong. In business, you can't afford to misspell your client's name or key technical or industry terms. DejaVoice lets you customize the dictionary to fit your industry.

* Audio Feedback editing. Be able to dictate while you drive, and hear back and correct text without your hands. Be able to create a note, store it, make another note, email it, and make another note and send to someone all without tapping a single button on your mobile device.

* Word list, subject list and key phrase storage. Transmit a complete word list or text list to someone else, and they can use DejaVoice as a communication tool. Just tap on the desired phrase to "Say it" remotely. An ideal tool for people who have speaking disabilities. Enter your address, food needs, or other items which must be conveyed verbally and tap what is needed.

* Caption and recorded text. For best captioning or recording you will need a remote microphone or a directional microphone. Pick up a speaker’s voice, or have them attach a lapel microphone. What the speaker says will be typed into DejaVoice. You can then email the text to yourself or another party to be corrected and stored.

What's New

-Text is no longer played after swiping to combine boxes.

Email: support@dejaoffice.com

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