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Sep 13, 2023
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Delivery Food Sim- Japan Osaka GAME

How long has it been since you traveled abroad?
Want to travel to Osaka, Japan right now?
Want to experience food delivery life in Osaka?

Now Delivery Food Sim Osaka is the world's first open-world arcade action 3d car deliver app game that combines a new 2022 simulation bike game with a virtual tour
Simulate role-playing metaverse driving life as a food delivery deliver driver in Osaka
In-depth tour by deliver bicycle in open world racing Osaka attractions
And you'll have a cool color food games in Osaka, Japan
Drive around the open world maps or get out of the car, adventure deliver car bicycle, control your officer and have fun in our new 2022 driving simulator game.
One of the latest simulation car game of deliveryman, players can experience the life of a real deliveryman. As a food delivery person in the Osaka area, you need to work hard here to deliver food. In this car simulator game, we can understand that the run match job of a delivery driving games person is not easy.

Delivery Food Simulator Features:
100% 1:1 Osaka City Photorealistic 3D color Model,
Dotonbori, Hozenji, Shinsaibashi, American Village,
Collect travel stamps
Real weather online system
Amazing selection of different types of vehicles.
Realistic vehicle driving features and physics.
Time and day online system
Next-gen AI Traffic racing bike bmx system
Next-gen AI system driving games
Ultra-realistic city traffic (cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bmx, bicycles,moto,taxi).
Racing in the city
Real ambient sound
AI Pedestrian traffic makes the city feel alive.
Physical deliver bmx bike taxi
Realistic AAA game
Buy home system
Random delivery bike bmx Mission
World Leaderboard

Work hard to earn more money home so you can move on to a color better crazy AAA life.
It is also a good match experience to experience different app game puzzle strategies and formulate suitable traffic routes.
In this game, you can be crazy satisfied to run enjoy different app game experiences and AAA feelings.
Various missions and many new vehicles will be unlocked in the game, we can try match them out.
In urban traffic, drive a light motorcycle to better solve the problems that arise.

a good car is very important. You can continuously crazy improve the performance of your taxi motorcycle.

Players can formulate detailed routes to plan love, and deliver run your takeaways in a short time.

Different real-time puzzle traffic conditions may jeopardize your delivery time. Players must have a sense of time.

Want to travel to Japan right now? Play Now!
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