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Dementia_Player4B APK

A Music Player for Dementia sufferers One finger Buttons for 9 songs Scroll Bar

Version16.0 (16)
UpdatedFeb 24, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperStephen C Adams
CategoryApps, Music & Audio

Dementia makes it difficult to concentrate on things like step by step commands and remembering things.
Flashing lights and movement holds the users attention, while the music aids memory retention.

This app allows suffers to press one of 9 flashing squares and play different songs in mp3 format.
The music stops and encourages the user to press another button. They gain confidence that they are in control of something.
There are NO included in-app purchases or Ad's in this app, as it confuses someone with dementia.

It is not limited to those with dementia, Children and older members of the community might also like these features.

Nine Public Domain tunes are included on loading, but you can delete them and replace them with your own songs, as long as they are renamed 1.mp3 to 9.mp3.
They need to be included in the "Music" directory on the internal memory drive.
This can be done using any File Manager app available on Google Play, if not included by default.
They can also select any music file from the scrollable Music directory located above the 9 coloured squares, by flicking through them and pressing the required song. This only takes one finger to select any music file, even if it is in a subdirectory.
This lists ALL mp3 files in the Music directory and the subdirectories without searching for them.
A Volume control is also included between the Choose and Stop Buttons.

This updated app works on android above version 4.01 and replaces Dementia Player 1 ,2,3 and Demo versions, as all the facilities are now included in this one version.

The app works on mobile phones as well as Tablet computers running Android, both in Landscape and Portrait modes, to suit the user.

I have no way of preventing the hardware buttons (Home, Back and running programs) from being used, so it may be a good idea to cover them up with cardboard, to prevent accidental use.

No money is charged for this app.
If you find this app useful, please make a donation to the Alzheimer's Society (UK) on as payment.

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