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May 2, 2022
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Demonborne GAME

Just one. more. floor..!
★The Abyss connects the human civilization to a world overrun by demons. Hordes and legions tirelessly invade and massacre unfortunate souls caught in their path. The wheel of time turned and turned, until finally a powerful race had emerged -- the Halfbreeds, born with demon blood in their veins, and with strength equally matching the Daemari. These Halfbreeds now serve the king under the Daemon Inquisition, acting as the first line of defense against the vile wretches of this world. As the Inquisitors explored the Abyss over the years, astounding secrets have begun to unravel...

★Delve into the Abyss★
[Intro] Leave those fancy tricks at home -- for in the abyss, being practical is king. Get ready for pixel-perfect combat dodges and meticulous dungeon crawling, as permanent death skulks in the shadows of every step. Fortune always favors the bold -- leave now with what you have, or spelunk deeper for even more treasure?

★Fully customizable gear setup★
[Professions] Each Inquisitor must endure the harshest trials to become proficient in all weapons. Most Inquisitors possess a special affinity toward a particular weapon type, and are thus encouraged to wield ones they find especially handy. Weapons do not have profession requirements -- instead each comes with its own unique set of skills. Now, pick up a weapon and defend your land against the Daemari!

★Randomized Dialus configurations★
[Dialus] Survivor Inquisitors tell of a strange statue deep under the Abyss, on it three turnable dials slottable with elemental orbs found during venture. Different orb combinations grant powers beyond description, be it immense energy surges within the body, or mystical Chain Lightnings imbued in one's attacks. Among veteran delvers, finding the right arrangement of the Dialus is essential for survival.

★Adventure with friends and foes alike★
[Bonds] Ever since five winters past, there's been reports of encountering unidentifiable Inquisitors during venture. Some manifest as ghosts and specters and attack with a fierce vengeance, while others may act as helpful allies in vanquishing the Daemari. Forming a party before braving the depths should lower the risks of such encounters.

★Power through complex challenges★
[Trainings] Inquisitors may take virtual lessons and participate in contests to further hone themselves. Many types of challenges await for those on a path of self-improvement -- with lucrative rewards to boot. Don't miss out on these trainings, as being fully prepared for an exploration is always a great idea.
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