Description: Detect Camera in Room APK

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UpdatedApr 14, 2019 (12 months ago)
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Detect hidden camera, listening device & microphone by radiation detection meter

How to find camera in a close room:
- Bring your phone to any skeptical nearby devices such as room mirror, shower, fan or any lens looking device
- To find any hidden spy or infrared camera then select that option in the app and observe the white light appear on your screen

How camera detection happens?
- This app uses magnetic sensor built in your phone. It analyzes and reports magnetic activities in your vicinity.
- The app will beep and raise alarm if it detects the magnetic activity similar to that of a camera
- If you hear the beep sound then bring the app closer to the object to know the exact position of a spy camera

- In order for camera identifier to work, your phone must have a inbuilt magnetic sensor. If you want the precision calculation then rotate your phone in the patter of "8"
- The app will beeps near metal or any electronics because any metal conducting electricity have a electromagnetic field which will get detected by camera sensor detector.
- Infrared camera detector has luminescence effect to glow white light

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