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DH Denarnik offers you a safe and easy way to pay with your mobile phone.

Version3.8.0 (30800)
UpdatedMay 22, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperDelavska hranilnica d.d.
CategoryApps, Finance

DH Denarnik mobile wallet offers you a modern, safe and easy way to pay with your mobile phone. The application enables you to make payments with Mastercard and Maestro cards where there are always at hand and make Flik instant payments to your friends by using your phone book.

What you need for a successful start?

1. Mobile phone with Android operating system (Lollipop 5.0 and higher) and NFC technology (Near Field Communication),
2. Registered DH Denarnik application and at least one Maestro or Mastercard payment card and contact detail for making instant payments activated in the mobile wallet.

You can register in the application and activate your payment card and contact detail with your mobile phone, without visiting the branch office of Delavska hranilnica.

How to make a payment with your payment card by using mobile phone at the point of sale?

You simply unlock the phone and approach it to the terminal at the point of sale, if you have NFC turned on and DH Denarnik set as your default mobile wallet on your phone. Payment will be made with payment card set as default card in DH Denarnik. Alternatively, you unlock your mobile phone, open DH Denarnik, choose the payment card you want to pay with, and approach the phone to terminal at the point of sale. For payments above EUR 25, the payment must be additionally confirmed by the PIN number of the payment card.

How to make a Flik instant payment to your friend with your mobile phone and mobile wallet?

You unlock the phone, open DH Denarnik and choose ‘Pay to contact”. Further, select payment recipient from your phone book, enter the amount and confirm ta payment. All payments must be additionally confirmed by password or other enabled biometrical data. The recipient of a payment can be a person who is a registered user of Flik payments.

With the mobile wallet you can also send a contact a request for payment. Select the 'Request payment' feature and follow the steps.

How about security of payment?

Payment transaction in DH Denarnik can only be initiated by you when you unlock the mobile phone and approach it to the terminal at the point of sale or when you open DH Denarnik. Due to security requirements, DH Denarnik mobile wallet does not work if you do not have a mobile phone with at least one security feature enabled, such as a password or fingerprint.

Need more information?

The process for getting started is quick and simple, the more of it you can read on www.delavska-hranilnica.si/osebne-finance/dh-denarnik or write to us at kontaktni.center@dh.si.

What's New

The new version of the DH Denarnik mobile wallet is upgraded with Flik instant payments and payment card management. Additional functionalities are:
- send Flik instant payments to friends or contacts by using own phone book,
- receive Flik instant payments,
- send requests for payment,
- review of sent and received Flik transactions,
- set the limit for making Flik payments,
- card management, such as lock card, disable online payments, …

Email: kontaktni.center@dh.si

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