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The World Fellowship of Buddhists.

Dhamma as taught by the Buddha is simple and easy to practice. It is about ourselves and how we can be free from personal suffering. As suffering beings we are deluded about the truths of our body and mind. However, if we practice the Dhamma, we turn our attention to our body and our mind and unveil their true characteristics. Our suffering lessens as we gradually come to understand the Dhamma more and more.

Dhamma Radio Online, radio thailand provides this support for meditation close to one’s home and office. Individuals & groups avail this service through pc & mobile phone, Dhamma House (community meditation halls) and radio stations.

The broadcasts are recordings of meditation instruction, stories and discourses. Each channel has its own schedule.

Your feedback is welcome We welcome feedback and comments on Dhamma Radio Online. Simply use our Contact page. May all beings be happy!

. ✫ * ˚ • ˛A Simple and Ordinary Subject Called Dhamma✫ * ˚ • ˛

"… When we become aware of our body and mind and accept the truth of them, that they are impermanent, do not persist and are beyond control, then we will be liberated and abide in the greatest happiness.”

*** Luangpor Pramote Pamojjo ***

"Pah Pong - that is built up in an absolutely pure way. In Wat Pah Pong we don't ask for, hint at or instigate donations, for example. We do things quietly, not knowing at all ourselves what to expect. If one has pure intentions and respect and love for the Dhamma-Vinaya as deep as this, coupled with some good kamma and parami accumulated in the past, help and support will tend to always arise, and one will be able to create something that is of use. Eventually, both the world and the Dhamma will benefit.

If we maintain these standards, the reverberating sound will still echo for a long time, maybe for many life spans, hundreds or thousands of years. If we don't uphold these principles, it won't continue very long. To keep them for even just one life is already very hard."

*** Luang Por Liem Ṭhitadhammo ***

"If you place a large block of ice out in the open sun, you can see it deteriorate - in the same way the body ages – bit by bit, bit by bit. After only a few minutes, only a few hours, it will all melt into water. This is called khaya-vaya: ending, deterioration.

The deterioration of fabricated things has been going on for a long time, ever since the world came into being. When we're born, we take on these things as well. We don't discard them anywhere. When we're born, we take on illness, aging, and death. We gather them up at the same time."

*** Ajahn Chah ***

Since the old times Sakyamuni Buddha had his disciples propagate the Teaching of Buddhism, time and changing of the world has flourished practice and understanding of Buddhism into various schools and traditions namely Theravada, Mahayana or Vajrayana and so many sects disseminated from Asia to other continents. Still we are all disciples of one and only, Lord Buddha. Many scholars in the old times realized that it was the time that Buddhism should have unity and amity for sustainability and prosperous of Buddhism.

Aims and Objectives of the World Fellowship of Buddhists are as follows:
- To promote among the members strict observance and practice of the teachings of the Buddha;
- To secure unity, solidarity and brotherhood amongst Buddhists;
- To propagate the sublime doctrine of the Buddha;
- To organize and carry on activities in the field of social, educational, cultural, and other humanitarian services;
- To work for securing peace and harmony amongst men and happiness for all beings and to collaborate with other organizations working for the same ends.
- Especially, the World Fellowship of Buddhists refrains from involvement directly or indirectly in any political activity.

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