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Version2.3.1 (20301)
UpdatedJul 28, 2021
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dhi app

Digital transformation app to address Lifecycle of student & college automation.

Heraizen is working in the area of Digital Transformation for Enterprises and Educational Institutions. The product focuses on engineering education (to start with) and has the following innovative features.

Automation & Performance Dashboards.

College performance planning and tracking based on faculty/student performance.

Automation towards NBA/NIRF preparedness and accreditation.

Dashboards with descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analysis.

Efficiency in Administration and Financial Management.

Fee Collection and Revenue Management.

Student eligibility management.

Capability Improvement.

Capability improvement of students & faculty with an in-built Expert System.

Collaboration and Feedback

Collaboration among all users to bring in action based performance improvement.

Student & Faculty feedback, enabling them to focus on strengths and improvement areas.

Customisation and mobility

Configurable UI catering to diverse needs of institutions.

Mobile/cloud App enabling access from anywhere, anytime.

This Digital Transformation System not only tracks but also enhances the capability & performance of Students and Faculty thus achieving Continuous Improvement & Innovation.

Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the System also comes with a creative quotient for every student to leverage their unique abilities.

This model is an innovative way of tracking student performance and has built-in intelligence and analytics for student centric approach based on the concept of outcome based education.

The System drives collaboration among students, faculty, management and parents to bring in action based performance improvement.
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