Diabetes Varnamala is informative app regarding Diabetes in Multiple languages

Changing diabetes to diabetes at ease

This app was designed taking into consideration the lack of knowledge regarding diabetes per se.

Diabetes Varnamala can be used as a tool of education and awareness at all levels and all over the globe with intention of reaching out to one and all.With this application we desire to educate people about the different aspects of diabetes in a simple and uncomplicated manner in form of A to Z of diabetes.

It is designed with intent of creating awareness admist people, patients, nursing staff, diabetes educators, doctors, students and teaching staff .Its a tool for training and understanding diabetes and it’s multiple complications.

It has been made easy to read and translated into multiple languages ;to reach out to everyone in world.

A unique app at your fingertips.

Diabetes awareness is as important as the treatment provided by the health provider

Welcome to the wealth of knowledge about diabetes.

The main reason for designing this Diabetes Varnamala is to create awareness amongst people who do not have access to healthcare .

Universal healthcare is a necessity of the present generation -The theme of WHO 2018-2019

With easy access to media and simple native language ;the application can be accessed in any part of the world in his own language ,at comfort of his home/ Hospital Ward or primary health centre in urban and rural parts of the nation worldwide.

Easy to use, simple to read and understand in one’s own language on touch of screen .

Feedbacks are welcome.

With the number of mobile users in the world expected to reach over 5 million mark in 2019; it was always in the mind to create an app with the theme changing diabetes to diabetes at ease.

Diabetes is merely not about sugar control

Diabetes causes a multitude of problems affecting each and every organ in its progress

Diabetes is a silent killer

We come to know about the complications only after we start developing symptoms.

Diabetes education and awareness makes us understand diabetes better and prevent the complications. It is through language that we communicate with the world, define our identity .Through language communication is easy and it should be very simple.

The growing epidemic of diabetes if unchecked timely will not only affect the health and well-being of our population but can also impact our economy .It is important to pay attention to the disease so that effective preventative strategies can be developed. Education plays a significant role not only in prevention of disease itself but also in preventing its complications. Currently health education and awareness about diabetes in rural and urban India is non-existent. Major gaps also exist in education about health. Studies have shown that awareness and knowledge regarding diabetes is grossly inadequate in India and massive diabetes education programs are regularly needed at the national level. in DAWN2 Study up to 1/3 of health professionals in some countries expressed not having received any formal diabetes training .Education should start as early as possible if possible at school, if we need the whole generation to change. An education campaign should start by trying to break the age old myths and explain them with scientific

evidence. To be successful the campaign must be tailored to local needs. Education is primary prevention of the disease at its grass root level. IDF population strategy requires governments of all countries to develop and prepare a national diabetes prevention plan.
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