Dice Chess Сheckers CubWars APK

CubWars Lite is the free version of new board game CubWars.

Version1.0 (10)
UpdatedOct 16, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperAchernar Studio
CategoryGames, Board

«CubWars Lite: Battle of dices» is a two­ player оriginal strategy board game with ​​using dice as game pieces on a chess board, is a lite version of the game "CubWars".
The uniqueness of the gameplay is that with each move, you set the value of of force and range of a course gaming figures, depending on the game situation! The correct choice of the balance between these two important factors game will lead you to victory!

The game develops the player strategic thinking, spatial reasoning and logic.

Rules of the Game «CubWars» (rtf):

Difference from the full version:
- You can only play the "game 1" ("game 2" is not available)
- The game only with the computer opponent (game with a live opponent using your device as a common game board does not work)
- There is only one variant color of the cells
- Available just an ordinary graphical version of cubes (only NQ)
- In the presence of only one music track (six tracks in the full version)
- Secret game mode "Super Gamer" is not available

For the start of the game requires a device with RAM at least 512 MB, including free memory of at least 250 MB,
Android - any version.

Email: achernarstudio@gmail.com

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