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Dice Magic Merge Puzzle Game Rolling dice

2021.5.1 · May 26, 2021

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Version2021.5.1 (202151)
UpdatedMay 26, 2021
DeveloperPeachu Pacha Games
CategoryGames, Board

Dice Magic Merge Puzzle Game Rolling dice game

Dice Magic Merge Puzzle Rolling Megic Dice King New Board Games

Every self-respecting board player must collect dice. The cubes are chosen very carefully, they are carefully kept and they firmly believe that they bring good luck if they are chosen correctly. Probably, each of us played dice games with the use of dice -small cubes with black dots, counting from one to six ... There are many games with the use of dice, from various lotos and "Monopoly" to backgammon. It would seem, well, what are the bones? How can you fake a dropout result? It turns out -easy, but in the hands of a professional sharper, the bones become magic.In the game of dice, the factor of randomness comes to the fore. In most games, you can increase your chances by knowing the probability of the desired values and combinations on the dice. Only a few games have tactical capabilities. If only one die is used, then the probability of getting any value is the same and is 1/6. In the case of two dice, the probability of getting the given amount is already unevenly distributed. Possible amounts and corresponding events are shown in the table:The probability is estimated as the ratio of the number of favorable events to the number of all possible events. The probability distribution has a maximum when the sum of the values on the two dice is equal to seven. As the number of bones increases, there will also be a maximum for the mean. In any game, the probabilities of the required events should be assessed; in many games, minimizing risks is the key to success, and a strategy built in this way is difficult to overcome.The oldest and simplest type of dice is considered to be hexagonal dice. They can be used in all traditional games; from backgammon to monopoly. All of us in childhood played various board games using hexagonal dice.The basic rule of dice is that each player takes turns roll a certain number of dice, after which the result of the rolling dice(the sum of the points dropped; in some variants, the points of each dice are used separately) is used to determine the dice master or loser. An arbitrary number of shots can be made until the end of the game. There are many varieties of magic dice games both simple and complex.

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