Dices Pro APK

Spin the dices, you can select 1-6 dices & spin them, very useful on board games

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UpdatedJan 14, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperDevmob Studio
CategoryGames, Board

Dices Pro application offers you six virtual dices (actually you can select any number of dices 1-6) and you can spin them in the virtual dice box. You can tap the screen to spin the dices or you can use the accelerometer to spin the dices.

You can play dozens of games with those dices and have lots of fun.

The dices have very cool visual effects and you can be sure that nobody is cheating because everyone has the same chance to hid a double on those cool dices !

There are so many games you can play with the dices and you don't have to carry them anymore with you, when you need some dices on hand, just pull your mobile phone and download dices pro.

Here are some games idea you can play with dices pro :
- backgammon
- higher number
- monopoly
- poker dice
- Farkle : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farkle

Six Cubes :

Here is a very brief description of the most basic form of the game: Players in turn roll six dice, trying to throw ones (worth 100 points each), fives (worth 50 points each), and/or threes of a kind (worth 100 times the number rolled, 2-2-2 = 200, etc., except that 1-1-1 = 1000). A throw of 1-2-3-4-5-6 is a special throw worth 1500 points. A player, after scoring points, may either stop and add all of the points from that turn to her permanent score, or throw again using any unused dice, trying to score additional points. A throw with no scoring combinations ends the player's turn with nothing added to his permanent score. If a player scores points with all of the remaining dice, he may stop, or continue again throwing all six dice again. The first player to reach 5000 points (or 10,000 in some versions) wins. Look in any of the sources listed above for more details and variations (most libraries should carry one or more of these books).

Using advanced physics engine those dices behave like normal dices, and they are totally random as you move them...

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