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Welcome to DIEM, the personal finance app optimized for productivity.

Version1.2.5 (11)
UpdatedJul 21, 2020 (3 months ago)
DeveloperYash Sanghvi
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DIEM has been carefully designed to make sure that you can add and manage your daily incomes and expenses (or 'hisaab' as we call it in India) with the minimum number of clicks, thereby saving you a lot of precious time and allowing you to manage your money on-the-fly. In fact, the lesser the time you need to spend on this app, the better we'll consider DIEM to be. The emphasis has been strongly placed on function over form. The user-interface is simple, intuitive and elegant. Several features make this app ideal for managing your daily transactions. These include:

1. A list of frequent categories used by you (separate for expenses and income), which keeps getting updated as you add more and more transactions, saving you the time to select the category for majority of the daily transactions
2. Option to add new categories (for both expenses and income)
3. Option to export data as a CSV file
4. Statistical charts and aggregate numbers to gain insights from the data
5. Transaction wise logs for custom date ranges
6. Category filter in logs
7. Restore deleted items
8. Manage recurring expenses or incomes with daily/ monthly recurring transactions feature

Apart from these features, there's a new quotable quote waiting for you every time you open the app, on topics like wealth, investment, stock markets, personal expense management, and success.

Go ahead and download DIEM today. This app will act as your companion in your journey to financial discipline. It will give you a daily reminder to log your transactions. Over time, as the data accumulates, it will be very easy for you to make data-driven personal finance decisions. You can clearly see where your money is spent. You can identify the categories where there is a potential to cut expenses, and also analyse seasonal variations in your expenses and incomes. You can plan your personal finance decisions well in advance with this information. If DIEM is able to help you cut down on non-essential expenses and save/invest money wisely, we'll consider that to be our biggest success!

And don't worry at all about data-privacy. All the expenses/incomes entered by you are only stored on your phone and not shared over the internet. They get deleted as soon as you uninstall the app. Also, DIEM does not require you to login. So there is no personal information that you share with the app.

So take your first step towards financial discipline today. Carpe DIEM!

What's New

Improved the daily notifications layout

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