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The ultimate group of calculators for all Dietitian's particularly those in LTC.

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The Dietitian's Toolbox combines the most frequently used calculators by Dietitians. It is particularly geared towards Dietitian's working in Long Term Care facilities, but is essential for any Dietitian.

There is a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator which take a height (in inches) and weight (in pounds) and performs the calculation. It not only displays the result, but also highlights what category that particular BMI would list the patient or resident in (ranging from underweight to severely obese).

The next calculator easily compares recent weights to show percent changes. First the ARD (assessment reference date is set). Setting this date then sets the weight dates that would correlate to look for in order to find the 30 day change, 90 day change and 180 day change. The current weight is entered, then the weights for those corresponding dates are entered, and pressing calculate will show the changes in weights from all of the dates.

Finally, the nutrition needs calculator is used to find the calorie (kcal), protein (g) and fluid (cc) needs. Simply by entering the resident or patient weight and clicking on calculate, the needs are calculated. Then the user can adjust the calorie, protein and fluid ranges that they wish to see the calculations for.

The use of this tool will improve productivity of the Dietitian as less time is spent performing tedious calculations so more time can be spent assisting the patients or residents.

What's New

We have added a calculation for carbohydrate needs (estimating in mg/kg/min) to help with calculating rates for TPN.

Email: thedirtydietitian@gmail.com

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