Talk, play, and be creative in your digital kindergarten.

Version1.0.0 (6)
UpdatedJan 01, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
DeveloperDr. Lukas Twardon
CategoryGames, Creativity

Talk, play, and be creative in your digital kindergarten.

Child-friendly interaction
- Be creative in the real world, share with friends in the digital world.
- Use the app by tapping on easy to understand pictures.
- Explanatory texts in spoken language.

Parents retain control
- A parent creates an account and verifies it with his/her email address.
- The child's given name is sufficient to add a profile. (A profile picture is recommended to avoid confusion.)
- Only friends with a private invitation code can see children's profiles.
- Security questions and encryption keep your child's data safe.

- Create groups, invite friends, add siblings.
- Say hello: Send short voice messages to your friends (end-to-end encrypted).
- Did you brush your teeth? Let your friends know what you have already done today.
- Who has a birthday coming up? Add your birthday to the calendar.
- Paint a picture, look at the pictures your friends have painted, or draw funny characters together with your friends.
- Did you make or build something great? Take part in a photo challenge or start a new one.
- Do the jigsaw puzzle of the month and get a great surprise. You can swap duplicate pieces with your friends.
- Create parent board notices (ad-free with the SuperParent subscription).

Email: mail@digikindi.com

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