Digital Compass for Android APK

Digital compass for Android 2020 is smart compass free with map & GPS navigation

Version1.5.6 (5)
UpdatedJan 21, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperTiger Tool
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💎 Digital compass for Android 2020 is smart compass free with map & GPS navigation, starts fast and an irreplaceable tool
💎 Digital compass for Android 2020 is the most precise of all compass app and supports high definition displays. GPS Compass for android can be used for most of your outdoor activities such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating.
💎 GPS compass is a real compass which shows device’s real-time orientation to magnetic fields and true north.
💎 Smart compass for Android 2020 is a tool to search bearings(azimuth) using the built-in magnetic sensors. And compass's smooth and natural rotation is looks like real compass.

🔰 NOTE 🔰
To run the smart compass app, your phone needs a sensor. Please check if your phone is supported by the manufacturer. If you do not have a sensor, you will not be able to run my GPS compass app and that is not our fault

🔰 How to use smart compass for Android: 🔰

To use digital compass, hold your Android device flat, use just like a real compass. Your device must have magnetic sensor inside to read earth magnetic field. If your device does not have magnetic sensor compass app will not work. Please don't write bad comments, it's not our fault!

🔰 Digital Compass for Android Features: 🔰
- Smart GPS compass app, true north
- Simple to use, use it like a real compass
- Professional design
- Ability to switch between true and magnetic true north.
- Magnetic and true north are available, the app automatically takes care of variation.
- Display horizontal level
- Display device slope
- Display magnetic field strength
- Display true heading
- Display latitude, longitude
- Display current location
- Incredibly smooth movements
- No internet connection required.
- GPS Map and Google Map.
- Standard, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid modes.
- Location and distance tracking.
- Show calibration notification
- Google map service
- Language support range
- It's compass free

🔰 Support 🔰
👉 If you have any problems installing or using the application, please contact the team developed applications. We will contact you and solve the problem as soon as possible.
If you like the app, please help me 5 star review. Thank you

Email: tigertooloffice@gmail.com

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