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Digital Compass & Navigator 2019 APK

A complete Smart GPS Compass that will help you to find direction.

Well, if you are talking about Voice Navigation: speed-o-meter, street view , Compass, mapas, you will find out 1000’s of such applications on play store, but wait this GPS navigation we are introducing is an exceptional one. If you are travelling in a car, walking on a road, riding on bike, sitting in an office and planning to go to a destiny which you haven’t visited before, you can explore that place with live street view feature of this app. compass direction and stop watch are also the best addition in this gps navigation.
This GPS navigation has an updated driving google GPS maps of more than 200 countries and you can zoom in those Mapas at any level. When you will open this Voice Navigation: speed-o-meter, street wies , free compass la bàn you can know about your current location and also you can trace friends and family members through location sharing feature. A user can share location with friends and near ones using share location option on whatsapp, Facebook, gmail and all other social media platforms. This GPS navegacion includes the function of Voice navigation through which you can get directions of any location by just speaking the name of location while holding mic, which helps the user turn by turn while he is driving the car. Live traffic updates help users while driving in heavy traffic zones where users do not have to look at the mobile sceen.
A user can find out all the nearby places like restaurents, parks, hospitals, pharmacy, railway station, airport, cafes, night club, schools, universities, markets etc. by just clicking on nearby places. This Voice Navigation: speed-o-meter, street view, Compass also have a unique feature of famous places which will carry you to famous places around. You can also get route preview of these places by just giving voice command while holding mic using GPS voice map navigation.
While talking about the different features this app is also consists of Live traffic updates, speed-o-meter, live weather updates, street view, compass direction, location sharing and stop watch. If you are driving in a car you can find out your speed by using speed-o-meter. Live Weather updates is another important feature, if one is planning to go on a trip. In case of emergency this app will allocate you near emergency help centers easily by using an emergency option, like fire brigade, ambulance service, police station etc. It is available in all main languages of world like German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Chinese and many more.

• One can easily find his current location using GPS navigation
• This maps navigation app has voice navigation which gives voice directions and guide
• Using this GPS maps navigation a user can easily find nearby places & famous places around.
• It gives 3d panaroma street view of current location or of any place by giving command to voice navigation
• It has significant functions of speed-o-meter and weather updates to stay safe while traveling.
• You may find Live street view of current location or any place you want to explore.
• This app is also providing you to find emergency help while you trap in problem like police station, ambulance service, fire brigade
• Stop watch can be used to count or measure the time of short activities.
• It is available in almost all native languages


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