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Easily open report/requests with the city's civic services through the app

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UpdatedMay 04, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Orlando Digital is a free, practical and simple-to-use private initiative that aims to value the Citizen as an active participant in the operation of the City's Infrastructure.
Through the application it is possible to make the following requests with the city hall:

* Graffiti
* Pothole
* Missed Garbage Pickup
* Problem Tree
* And many more!

As a citizen, your request while it is being processed has the status "Pending", and once sent to the City Hall, the status of the request changes to "Sent".

From this status onwards the citizen will be in direct contact with the City Hall to handle the request, through the email registered in the application.
So, with Orlando Digital you have the request opening made easy, and can follow up the request through your personal email.

In addition to creating the request in a simple and fast way, the Orlando Digital app also counts on the help of Alfred, the Artificial Intelligence developed by RES Digital for image identification.
Alfred recognizes images of potholes, faulty lighting poles, traffic lights, etc., and does a smart check before forwarding the request to the correct department, thus avoiding fraudulent or misleading requests.

In case Alfred identifies that the attachment is not in accordance with the request in question, he is able to reject your request. This assists the Public Server's work in receiving pertinent requests only to the responsible area in question, and you can make a new request this time with the correct attachment! 😊

Bringing the citizens and City Hall closer, improving the city's infrastructure and creating a better city are the trademarks of Orlando Digital!
What are you waiting for?

Download now and help make your city a better place for everyone!

Email: gabrieldemattosleon@gmail.com

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