Digital Slambook : A digital version of slam book APK

Relive old memories with this digital version of slambook

Version1.2.1 (9)
UpdatedJul 30, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperTestlab IC
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The world has gone through different ages, now it's time for the electronic age. There was a time when we wished to have our slam book filled we had to purchase them, then it had its own constraints like it restricted parallel access of the book, we cannot customize the questions according to our wish and it also had the risk of getting lost or destroyed.
Digital slam is the Electronic version of physical slam books whose core concept is taken from hard-coded slam books with additional features. This is the social app that helps us to recollect our memories with our friends and relatives. It also helps you to know about yourself what you are good and bad at, thus helps a person to modify oneself accordingly. It also gives the medium to tell your feelings to your near and dear ones
We can keep our pals review in our phone and access them whenever and wherever we want to thus have easy maintenance.
This app possesses these following features.
Customization of questions for our friends and relatives separately
Notifications features, that is whenever any friends send a request for filling a slam a notif is sent to that person. Whenever any friend of yours fills the slam from the app or from the webpage then a notif is received to the sender.
We can even delete the request if we don't to wish to fill the book of any given request
You can ask your friends to fill the form who even do not have an app through a web link which can be sent through any media like WhatsApp messenger etc

This app is different than other apps because :
* You can edit questions and choose the set of questions to send to your friends.
* Your friends don't need to install the app as they can just fill your book from a web link.
* Better looking than other apps
* Easy to understand and use

Email: testlab.dev.ic@gmail.com

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