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Our App is digital tasbih counter helps in counting of tasbeeh duas supplication

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UpdatedSep 30, 2018 (3 years ago)
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Tasbeeh counter is best digitalized form of tasbeeh through which you can count tasbih by counting in simple way by single click on button
Tasbeeh counter app will be used to count any activity that you want to count.
Offer tasbeeh prayers by using this tasbeeh counter app.
Tasbeeh counting app will also be used for general purpose counting & make it act like tally counter
Digital Tasbeeh counting will let you perform your religious prayers by counting tasbeeh in digital way as for the blessing of Allah SWT
Use Digital Tasbeeh for your daily duas & supplications related to counting no of times you want to perform.Digital Tasbih counters will count the no of times your zikr will be performed or offered.Tasbeeh counter will act like tasbeeh counter app that make sure that tasbi counter
Count your daily duas tasbeeh darood by using our digital tasbih counter app as digital tasbih will help you in automatic counting of daily duas over the counter where count things on thing thing on counting use for things that need counter app for click counter. Tasbeeh counter will keep daily duas & supplications record of fast dua related to counting in counter app
State of counting will be saved if you want to save them upon or before exit
Click on button to start counting by just pressing
Reset button helps you to reset counts you’ve made before
Tasbeeh Counting Application Working & How to Use Tasbeeh Counter App:
After Installation open app two buttons available with UI of digital clock contains two buttons Rest & LED reset for setting counter again back to zero while LED for night mode
Sound Icon available on left corner of app for controlling sounds producing as result of counting
This has three modes i.e. General, Silent & Vibrate
Counter Button for counting & incrementing counter by +1
Save Button Will help you save your zikr by saving counted ones by name you want to use
If you want to continue from where you left go to saved zikr then select zikr you want to continue from where you left counter will set it back where it is last time when saved
Color theme icon help you to change colors of the app inside view
If you close the app in hurry without saving don’t worry it will be set there when app will be open again you’ll find your counter back in same position
Features of Digital Tasbeeh Counting App:
Simple & easy to use App
Color Changing Functionality
3 Modes for sound producing during ibadat i.e. General, Silent & Vibrate Mode
Results of counting save feature
We’re working hard for best application that can fulfill functionality that as user you’re expecting from us. For Suggestions or feedback for our application write us at:


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