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Has global multilingual applications that can be translated quickly

Version1.1 (0)
UpdatedJun 25, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
DeveloperBessie K Smith
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We are a free online translation application that supports translations in more than 100 languages ​around the world, and is an essential translation software for the use of social software. Sometimes we prefer voice translation to text translation, but here we have not only text translation and voice translation, but also image translation. You can upload pictures that need to be translated, automatically recognize the text on the pictures, and then translate them into the language you want. Translate All Languages ​​and Speech Recognition Language translation is the amazing thing about getting speech from speech translation and detection language. Can automatically detect your voice translation and language translation into foreign languages. All translators can easily translate your voice and text translation, and recognize the voice translation as the target language translation. Let you enjoy social fun without language barriers.

Powerful function introduction:

★ Application Translation
Whether it is post/blog translation, chat dialogue translation or simple text translation, no matter which application: Weibo, Tieba or Twitter, there is no need to switch back and forth translation software, instantly translate the text content in the application for you.

★ Chat translation
When using various social chat software to chat with foreign friends, the chat content of the dialog box is translated for you instantly; support for translation of the dialog bubble box, translation of the input box and translation of the clipboard text

★ Suspended translation
Use the floating ball, drag the floating ball to any application or webpage to be translated text, the target translation will be displayed instantly. Double-click the floating ball to activate the "Translate All" function and enjoy smooth full-page translation.

★ Automatic language recognition
No setting is required, the text source language is intelligently detected and automatically translated into the target language.

★ Share
You can share the translation results with your friends through the app, and you can share the voice translation results and text translation results.

★ Quick check
Quickly check the spelling and make sure there are no wrong spellings before translating.

★ Background and text
The new background color and text size of speech to text can be set exclusively.

★ Paste and copy
Multilingual translator with voice translator can copy, paste and share translations with just one click option.

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