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Apr 16, 2024
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Dinosaur games - Kids game GAME

Welcome to the Dino adventure park, with all-in-one dinosaur themed toddler games. These easy games will help your children explore different educational areas - develop logical thinking and reasoning skills with their favorite dinosaurs. The Paleontologist in your child will enjoy the classic graphics, funny animations, kids music, and realistic sounds.

Run with the mighty T-Rex; fly with the Pterodactyl; and discover other dinosaurs with different unique features. The preschool toddlers will learn skills as well, since all the free games are designed for improving the memory and attention span. Start a fascinating jurassic adventure in this dinosaur museum, where cartoon dinosaurs come to life.

36 Dinosaur games for kids with 200+ Levels:
* Mosquito attack: mosquitos are bothering the Dino and you need to just swing the tail and hit the flying insect.
* Classifying: sorting of the dinosaurs as to which ones fly and which ones stay on the land.
* Dress Up: father and baby needs to be dressed - learn how to distinguish between big and small, while helping them with their outfit.
* Memory game: find the correct pair of baby Dino within the egg and clean up the field.
* Matching game: match the dinosaur with the correct body part of the same Dino.
* Feed the hungry Dino: he knows what he wants to eat, and you need to recognize the vegetable and feed him.
* Dino Wash: use the soap to remove the dirt and then give the dinosaur a shower to make him clean again.
* Carnival game: aim at the dinosaurs and throw the balls to hit them and collect more stars.
* Mathematics: counting the number dinosaurs and select the correct answer.
* Racing game: race with your dinosaur car and avoid all the other vehicles to reach the finish line first.
* Jumping game: jump like a rabbit and reach the end to meet the dinosaur friend safely, without falling into the Amazon water.
* Dig-a-Dino: piece by piece, uncover the ancient puzzle and dig bones to assemble your very own dino!
* Dino dash: quick! The cute monsters are after our dino! Help it run up the pole to reach the top and dodge the playful monsters chasing from behind. Can you outsmart them all?
* Dino soccer Star: our dino is a one-man team, dribbling, passing, and shooting goals like a champ in this dino-tastic football game.
* Color logic: sort the balls by logic and strategy. Can you master the art of color matching and clear the pipes?
* Dino band: six different dinos from the muisc band, plays unique musical instruments to compose a catchy rhythm. Get ready to dance to their prehistoric beats!
* Dino dentist adventure: Oh no! The dino needs a dental checkup! Put on your dentist gloves, clean those pearly dino teeth, and make sure our dino's smile shines brighter than ever.
* Dino leap frog: watch out for the isometric blocks! Our dino loves to jump down fast, hopping from one block to another. Can you time the jumps perfectly and reach the bottom safely?
* Tic-tac-toe: play this classic kindergarten game with a dino twist - you need to match four in a row to win.
* Space adventures: join our brave dino astronaut as it embarks on a space mission.
* Sling dino: use a sling to propel our dino through thrilling aerial challenges. Aim, release, and watch it soar through the skies.
* Dino Pac-man: guide our dino through the maze, munching on dots and avoiding the ghostly enemies. It's a classic retro arcade game with a prehistoric twist!

And many more fun and educational games for 3 to 8 years old kids!

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