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DeveloperMAGIC Parfum™ EXCLUSIVE Perfume by PANDORRA Ltd.
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We have developed the ultimate bombastic new perfume super concentrates for you

Your advantage - nobody knows MAGIC Perfume ™ so far


No ordinary perfume, but a magical perfume ™

That's why the matching name MAGIC Parfum ™

MAGIC Parfum ™ is unique, extraordinary, ultimate, bombastic

... simply incomparably unlike any known moon award brands BRAND perfume!


MAGIC Parfum ™ are UNISEX fragrances suitable for every type

MAGIC Parfum ™ Content 10ml Extrait de Parfum 60% Intense High Concentrate

The creator of the perfume must know - who else:
Extrait de Parfum is the highest concentrated perfume there is

MAGIC Extrait de Parfum ™ is so highly concentrated that only a few drops are sufficient for an intense, unforgettable fragrance experience

No comparison at all to commercial Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum

Perfume oil in Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum evaporates
as soon as it is sprayed on the warm skin

In contrast, MAGIC Parfum ™ is completely free from evaporation over the skin is absorbed like a sponge, which makes the scent so intensely noticeable for so long

MAGIC Parfum ™ bottle are handy, handy as a Labello pen and comes with drop dispenser

MAGIC Parfum ™ is an Extrait de Parfum High Concentrate, which is rubbed against your skin and absorbed slowly over your skin layer

MAGIC Parfum ™ is incomparably intense and very long-lasting

MAGIC Parfum ™ does not show any allergic skin reaction whatsoever
Body site applied

MAGIC Parfum ™ can be applied to all parts of your skin

As an exclusive manufacturer, we guarantee that MAGIC Parfum ™
is free from animal testing

Just a few drops of the dipper on the skin strip and then rub on the skin

MAGIC Parfum ™ are concentrated up to 60% Pure Intense Perfume

MAGIC Pocket Parfum ™ is virtually compact like a Labello

MAGIC Parfum ™ is available for an unbeatable 29,95 Euro

The product value of MAGIC Parfum ™ is 114.95 Euro

MAGIC Parfum ™ is a golden, heavy, intense extract of perfume

MAGIC Parfum ™ is a super long-lasting intense perfume

MAGIC Parfum ™ is stored over your skin layers as a storage depot

MAGIC Parfum ™ therefore smells very pleasant for up to 24 hours

MAGIC Pocket Parfum ™ is as handy as compact as a Labello Stick

Ideal for you when you are traveling, traveling, disco, holidays, at work .......

MAGIC Parfum ™ is refillable in our exclusive Lead Crystal Flacons

Brands BRAND Eau de Toilette contains only about 8-12% pure perfume

Brands Eau de Perfume contains only about 8-15% pure perfume

MAGIC Extrait de Parfum Intense ™ contains up to 60% pure perfume

MAGIC Parfum ™ is rich as 200ml Eau de Toilette (EdT)
Any brand perfume worth 99.95 € to 199.95 €

MAGIC Parfum ™ is rich as 100ml Eau de Parfum (EdP)
Any brand perfume worth 99.95 € to 199.95 €

Suitable for Home Living you can find ours here
exclusive, heavy MAGIC No Lead Crystal Flacons ™ as

MAGIC Duo Perfume REFILL Set ™

Practical because it protects your wallet and the environment at the same time

Simply replenish your MAGIC Parfum ™ favorites yourself

As a CONTRIBUTOR you want to join in your own world
to build a protected customer base?

Free sample of your choice to try?

As EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR with protective cover of a global trademark ™
registered with the UK Patent Office

There is a lot more waiting for you ...... let yourself be surprised


Email: info@magicparfum.co.uk

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