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not only the selection of colors and a birthday theme itself, determine the design of the cake with all the accessories, it is also equally important. if you plan to bring a cake on your birthday, of course you have to pay attention to many things.
birthday is the happiest time to celebrate together. election cake can also choose a variety of birthday cake shops everywhere. today, there are many types, models as well as the contents of an assortment of cakes. may not be too difficult or easy in choosing a suitable birthday cake.
The following is abeberapa tips for choosing the right birthday cake for your special day.
1. select the leading pastry shop
pastry shop that already have a high reputation in the field, usually will treat customers well try as much as possible to meet the demand. Generally, specialist shops, pastry own name his staff split into two categories. one of the usual order birthday cakes, one more special for the wedding. they also usually separate area of the customers and some brides to facilitate discussion about the design of the cake as desired. although the price is a little expensive, pastry shop in good standing will be a guarantee of quality.
2.rasa cake
in addition to design, make sure you also have a taste of the cake. make a cake tasting at least three kinds of cookies before you order. if the cake contained in one sense, you have to try everything. to be safe and to make sure you, your family and all the guests loved the birthday cake you select common sense such as chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.
special time
you have to start choosing a cake between three to six months prior to the day h. once completed to determine the color theme and wedding, immediately select the appropriate design of the cake. as one of the attractions at a birthday party later, the design of the cake should be considered carefully and in as much detail as possible.
4. select creative design
playing with a birthday cake you, can match the design of the cake with the theme of color or other creative ideas. basically, choose a creative design might be more traction on the day.

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