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Take the idea to make beautiful flower crafts here!

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Artificial flower arrangements complement the home and office decor without any needed maintenance for fresh blooms. Continue reading if you want to learn about them.

Artificial and silk flowers are stunningly beautiful and very often, they look like real blooms. The only thing is that you should have a keen interest to shop and select these flowers. They make an ideal replacement for fresh flowers, in terms of aesthetic value and budget. In simple terms, artificial flowers retain their beauty for a longer time and there is no shelf life as such for them. Considering this, you do not need to replace them frequently, which is the case with fresh blooms.

As far as room décor is concerned, there are several advantages of using artificial flower arrangements. They make an excellent decorating element for areas that may get damaged by water, like computer desk and near electronic items. Also, it is best to place artificial flowers at entrances, bedrooms, and on your office desk. Even without regular inspection, these flowers look fresh and new. And believe me, well-arranged artificial flowers brighten up the room with the same elegance, even after you have gone for a long trip.

Artificial Flower Arrangement Ideas

All type of fresh blooms are virtually available as artificial or silk flowers. Depending upon the purpose for arranging artificial flowers, you can either buy single stalks or bunches for your project. Purchase all the supplies (ferns, fillers, vase, etc.) needed for these arrangements from craft stores. In order to create variety, carefully select those with less profound seams. You can also opt for scented silk flowers, which will fill the room with their exotic fragrance. For arranging them, refer to the following information.
For Your Home:
For office or home decoration, consider arranging artificial flowers in a pot or vase. Gather all the supplies, such as a tall glass vase, artificial greenery (ferns, leaves, etc), small fillers, and silk flowers of at least three colors. Selecting the flower types (sunflowers, hydrangeas, tulips, roses, mums, etc.) is up to you, but ensure that the size of the vase is proportionate with that of the flowers. To begin with the flower arrangement, keep all the supplies on a flat working table. Check the lengths of the flowers and greenery, and adjust if necessary. Then, start placing some greenery on the sides of the vase, making sure that their height reaches the rim. Insert the flowers one-by-one according to their color, size, and texture. Do not overcrowd them or it will look messy. Also, the central ones should be taller than those in the edges. If available, add greenery in between the vibrant colored flowers to create contrast. With little imagination and creativity, you can make strikingly attractive artificial flower arrangements for home.
For Weddings:
Bridal bouquets made with artificial flowers will last for a lifetime. However, they are not a preferred option for most people. Apart from reception and bouquets, you can use artificial flowers for decorating weddings. Do not forget to decorate the altar and entrances with silk flowers. At such spots, these arrangements do not look markedly different from real blooms. For table centerpieces, a tall vase with vibrant colored silk flowers looks lovely. You can also make a hanging basket with tulips and roses for placing in the reception area. Since there is no issue of wilting, they will look elegant till the end of ceremony.

DIY Flower Crafts Ideas

Take the idea to make beautiful flower crafts here!

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