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The pioneering application in dizziness therapy!

The internet and the mobile technology are more than a tendency for the future, they can be defined as revolutionary reality in current times, especially when we are talking about the collective well-being.

Their functions are used as a unique and individual experience, because their applicability involves innumerable therapeutic strategies. This strategies normally are used to recover the corporal balance when associates to the protocol application to exercise the eyes, head and upper body, or as optovestibular and optokinetic stimulation.

A recurrent elementary in this treatment is the dizziness symptom, whose can be manifest on different ways, with different frequency and variable intensity, causing a indefinite discomfort, affecting on the life quality of the individual.

Like the the adults, children dizziness affects both genders, being more common in the feminine gender. As consequence, the children with dizziness may present a bad school performance, what can forborne a clue for a identification of a (labirintopatia).

Following this idea and taking as base students rehabilitation programs for children with bad school performance and with report of dizziness, that was created a application called Dizziness App, trying to simplify and automatize the dizziness therapy process.

Our goal: Estimate the benefits of use a app specific to stimulate the reflex ocular vestibule (RV

Method: Its a descriptive study with a qualitative approach realized from a extension project of a Phonoaudiology School Clinic called "Laboratory for rehabilitation of body balance". It was approved by the Ethics Research Committee of the Institution with protocol 179.799/2013. It was used as investigation process the scores wined on Dizziness Handicap Inventory Child/Adolescent (DHI-CA) expressed in the utilization of a automatized digital process and simplified on the utilization of the Dizziness App.

The current study is on experimental phase, not being able to, at this current date, be available the results, as for any inferences about them.

Dizziness Kids APK