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UpdatedMay 30, 2018
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DMCY i.e. "Donate Money For Charity By Yourself".
With slogan of French revolution "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". They cannot be treated seperately or weighed one against the other. Liberty among unequals is an oxymoron.

DMCY is a platform of reducing the financial differences between the rich and poor. DMCY always stood against the capitalist type of economy and we believe that one should live financially sound and free. Money is a source of energy and with this one can do many things but without money one cannot even walk properly.

We taught in childhood that money is a measure of labour, we work hard and more we work, we will earn more because money will not come from heaven. We have to earn it by doing hard and honest work but does billionaries think? No they live their life lavishly and we people work for them They spend money in various luxurious things like car, house, clothes etc but we dont ever manage our daily needs properly. So to strengthen the society DMCY invites you all to join hands together. DMCY is not a profit making or neither a bank nor a financial institution. It is a platform of purely working without any self interest among many countries for the social and economic growth of the people.

DMCY always believe that if there is a will then there is a way and it everyone's responsibility to do something for the betterment of society and for the people around us.

If we give a stress on real life of people today, we will easily find that richer is getting more rich and poorer is living as poor. This is unequal distribution of wealth cause these differences. It is the mindset of capitalists not to distribute the wealth among the working class of the society.

DMCY is not against the rich people, we are just trying to change their mind set by giving a platform so that you can mutually distribute your money according to your own capability. DMCY is a global mutual aid fund where you exchange your wealth between each other and provides you the facility to earn more and more. People usually invest in bonds, equalities, deventures, shares etc where they have to depend on companies, Govt an market policies and their money were controlled by them but in DMCY its not that. Here you voluntarily donate and at time of your need some one donates you and here you dont have to wait for long time.
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