DMV Illinois Permit Practice Test 2020 +Handbook APK

Get ready to your permit/drivers's licence test - now in multiplayer game! 🆓

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UpdatedMay 02, 2018 (2 years ago)
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The first and only one game which allows you to compete with other players. Bet your coins, answer questions - climb up in ranking, check your last game results or daily/weekly/monthly leaderboards. No more boring learning.
Do you have driver's licence? Check your reflex and how much you remember from your exam!


✳ more than state-specific 500 exam questions ❓❓❓
✳ innovative and most effective learning system:
➡ browse all questions with prompts in practice mode, read the hints - these help with tricky questions and steer you in the right direction
➡ take some tests - our AI algorithm will do the magic :) ,
➡ try to pass exam, check your knowledge in multi player game) 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓
➡ track your progress, check the hardest questions
✳ difficulty levels: basic, medium, advanced 📈
✳ complex statistics 📊
✳ list of hardest and favorites questions 📋
✳ 🎮🕹multi player mode🕹🎮 with prizes 🏆🎖🏆🏅🏆
➡ (3 first places daily: free access to our e-learning platform at www.dmvoneway.com) 🎁
➡ (3 first places monthly: 1st: up to 100$ for your driving course, 2nd: gift card $50, 3rd: gift card $20) 🎁

How to use DMV Practice Test?
There are several ways to do it. Most users begin with the practice mode and browse through incorrect answers. Then they move to take the tests in the test mode ), which is designed to identify weak points and improve performance. If you don't have any questions left in the test mode, take an exam from each part at least 3-5 times. If you score at least 80% from each part - you are ready to take your final exam. Take it at least 10 times scoring no less than 80% at each time and your DMV exam will be a piece of cake.

DMV California Handbook 📱

✳ All the traffic rules that you need to know.
✳ Covering the full range of knowledge required for safe driving.
✳ Hundreds of 3D animations 🎥🎞🎬 and illustration 📷📸 of different road situations 🏎🚴🏍🚑🚓🚖🚘
✳ Based on your "California Driver Handbook"

A smart study system will prepare you for the exam in even one day!
Our best students prepare for the exam in only a few hours.
Have fun with learning how to drive safely and lawfully. Pass your DMV Written Test.
This app contains all questions for the state of Texas.

Email: hello@dmvoneway.com

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