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Docs Diabetes Diary is the best. Keep track of your meals and glucose together.

Version1.4.1 (25)
UpdatedJul 01, 2013 (7 years ago)
DeveloperBearcat Global LLC
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The absolute best diabetes diary on Goggle Play for Android. Track the foods you eat every day along with your drinks, glucose, exercise, medication, and health symptoms. You, or along with your doctor, will be able to check to see what foods you are sensitive or allergic. Doc’s Diabetes Diary records date and time of your meals, drinks, glucose, exercise, medication, and very importantly your symptoms. Then send the information to your health professional.

From the Home screen, tap one of the chosen events you wish to enter information such as Meal and the entry screen for Meal appears. From there, enter the foods you had for a meal or snack by tapping in the blank window which opens the keyboard. Optionally, you can turn your device horizontal to type with you keyboard. Once you have entered the foods for Meal, click Set to change date and/or time when you had the meal or snack. Then, click Save. When clicking Save, this takes you immediately to the Diabetes Diary screen.

Repeat the above for Drink, Glucose, Exercise, Medication, and Symptoms. You may enter multiple entries for each category.

From the Diabetes Diary Screen, you can swipe horizontally to change days and view previously entered information. Or, tap the gold date bar to change the date to a specific day you want to view. You may also scroll entered information by swiping vertically up to see later information or down to see earlier information. To delete an entry, simply press and hold over the entry you wish to delete, then a question box opens to confirm whether you wish to delete. Tap Yes to delete the entry, and Cancel to cancel the deletion.

Now, send the report to your health professional. You can now email the report directly from the Diabetes Diary screen. Tap Menu, choose the length of the report to send, enter the email address you want your diary delivered, then choose either csv or pdf format. Then, tap Send to send the report. Then tap send again to send it from your email account. Make sure you first have your email account set up in the Settings on your iPhone. You can optionally enter a message for the email. Simple!

Email: support@docsdiaries.com

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