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Titanic's App and the stories of the survivors

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With this application of documentaries of the sinking of the Titanic you will have at your disposal the stories in first person of the survivors. You will also know how the tragedy of the Titanic happened step by step thanks to the survivors.

The documentaries that contain this application of the Titanic stories are updated periodically so you know the latest discoveries of this great transatlantic.

You will also have videos of the status of Titanic's wreck, you will know its current status. The Titanic was built as a luxury transatlantic that was not missing any detail that grazed an iceberg and sank in less than three hours, without enough lifeboats.

This luxury application of the Titanic contains:

* The details of sinking and tragedy of this transatlantico
* The stories told of the lifeboats
* You will also know the stories of his two brothers
* You will have the stories of the survivors telling their experience in the first person
* The documentaries are updated so that you are always the last in this topic
* You know the status of the wreck today

This application of the sinking of the Titanic shows you the tragedy, the stories of the lifeboats, you will know how the brothers were and you will know the current state of the wreck of the Titanic, a luxury ship of the apoca.

Few know that the Titanic was not built as a single ship, there were two more "identical" ships, the Olimpic and the Britanic.
Discover the rest of the content of our free Titanic sinking application, downloading it !!! Enjoy it!

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