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The best documentaries about the extinction of the Jurassic dinosaurs

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Among the animals that have aroused the greatest popular interest, there is a group that no longer exists, not even in zoos: the Dinosaurs. These always captured our imagination. We know them since childhood thanks to books, museums and movies. They have recently come back to life thanks to the special effects of cinema. If you are passionate about discovering the life of these gigantic reptiles this is your app.
66 million years ago, a meteorite of great proportions hit Earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Other studies indicate that there were a large number of volcanic eruptions that cooled the Earth and caused its extinction. Currently, the tracks are being studied to find out how everything happened. In our application we tell you how three quarters of all species were annihilated and, most importantly, how the last animals that later conquered the planet survived. Our online documentary videos show not only what the end of the dinosaurs was like for the meteorite, but it tells the story of how we became the predominant species on Earth.
The dinosaurs were prehistoric reptiles of all sizes, even gigantic ones that populated the planet Earth during the Jurassic, before the meteorite fell. Unlike the rest of reptiles, dinosaurs were a type of reptile with totally different characteristics and very different between them, from the heaviest herbivore to the fastest predator. The fossil bones of these extinct animals were known since antiquity, but it was the English paleontologist Richard Owen who in 1842 baptized them as dinosaurs.
Download our free application of dinosaur documentaries online and travel to an era (Jurassic) where gigantic prehistoric predators with big teeth like the Tyrannosaurus rex ran at their ease and dominated the Earth. It would be awesome, right?
Do not think twice you can hesitate with your friends thanks to these online documentaries about this giant reptile species.
Both the T.rex, and all the remaining dinosaurs, are the object of fascination for large and small. We all yearn to know what was happening on our planet before the meteor that caused the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago in the Jurassic fell. Download our app for free and enjoy where you want from these free online Jurassic documentaries.

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