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No more barking or whining! Dog keeper takes care of your dog when he's alone.

Version5.1.5 (48)
UpdatedNov 15, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Does your dog bark too much when you are not at home? Or does your absence causes stress for your dog?

The Dog Keeper app will help your dog to keep quiet and feel safe whenever you are away from home. The app will use your voice to speak to the dog when he is starting to bark of whine. Your recorded voice commands or soothing phrases will the dog surprise. The dog will notice that you are still present in some way and that everything is safe and OK. Barking or whining will stop. If your dog needs more of your voice, you can use as many recordings as you want. Probably after a few weeks of using Dog Keeper, you will notice that your dog even doesn't try to bark or whine anymore, now he knows that you are in some kind of way omnipresent.

You start Dog Keeper listening to your dog (or dogs) when you leave home or at a predefined time. Dog Keeper will take care of your dog as long as needed. When you come back home, you can see when and how many times your dog was barking or whining. If you like, you can Dog Keeper ask to make a short audio recording every time your dog is barking or whining and Dog Keeper plays one of your voice responses. You can play these recordings to listen to what happened and how your dog reacted on the intervention of Dog Keeper.

Dog Keeper works good for your dog if your dog listens good to you. If your dog listens to your commands when you are at home and you do not allow barking or whining when you are at home, then Dog Keeper can easily take over when you leave. The voice responses that you record when configuring Dog Keeper should be the same as the commands and phrases you use when you are at home. It is important to mention the name of your dog at least once within each voice response.

Dog Keeper is easy to configure and use. It runs on smartphones and tablets. Use a device that you can leave at home when you are away. The device should be in the room where the dog is. The default setting of Dog Keeper is to play your recorded response at maximum volume. The maximum volume of most devices is not very loud, but it will be loud enough for your dog if he is in the same room.

Dog Keeper is continuously listening if your dog starts barking or whining. It runs as a service on your device and uses as little processing power as possible. It uses the microphone input level to determine if the dog starts to bark or whine. When needed you can adapt the sensitivity of the microphone input in the settings menu.

Dog Keeper is free, but the free version has a restriction on the listening duration. The free version of Dog Keeper has a maximum of one hour continuously listening. Inside the app you can buy the full version. With the full version, there is no restriction on the listening duration. The purchase uses Google Play Store in-app billing.

The app is extensively tested, but please send an e-mail to dogkeeper@appyhapps.nl if you encounter a bug or missing functionality.

Known problems exist with a few old Android versions on specific devices. It is a bug in the Media Recorder on these devices. An option is now available in the Settings menu to bypass this bug. Please select this option if you encounter this problem.

What's New

Added possibility to select an audio encoder. On some devices the default audio encoders do not work correctly.
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