Decorate and design your own dollhouse in one of the best games for girls!


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Dollhouse Builder Craft: Doll House Building Games GAME

Build and decorate doll houses! Building and crafting of your own dream house was never that easy! Download this dollhouse builder game and design a house for dolls!

Doll house building madness!
Build your own dollhouse and play in it. All of the houses you build are life-sized, so you can actually walk inside and have fun with the dolls! Construction of the dollhouse is easy as pie - use blocks to create your own dream house! You can use blueprints if you want to save time on the planning of your own dollhouse. You'll become a house builder in no time! If you like to play dollhouse building games for girls then look no further, start your house builder career in just a few moments!

House decoration and interior design!
Decorate the houses you build with any furnishing you want! Mine and craft any resources that you need for the interior decoration of your own dollhouse. Build and design furniture and place it around for the dolls to use. This world is your own building sandbox - play any games you can imagine!

Go on a princess adventure!
Begin your quest of exploration in an endless world filled with mountains, trees and peaceful inhabitants. Meet and chat with peasants and animals (they're bots, not real people!), make friends and even tame and ride animals. Mine materials and craft vehicles if you need to move faster. Car driving and plane flying are available to allow you to travel bigger distances. Just craft any vehicle you want and start exploring the great outdoors!

• Build your own dollhouse!
• Building and crafting of other structures
• Mine resources, craft items
• Open world sandbox environment
• Games for girls
• Interior design and furnishing

Download now and design your own dollhouse! Craft and build in a world that is perfect for a princess like you! Building sandbox games offer the ultimate freedom of imagination - you can explore anything you want, walk wherever you want, and craft any structure you can think of! Get one of the best free building games of 2018 right now.
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