Explore the cyberpunk world and battle with rivals by the quantum HEXAD !


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Jan 26, 2021
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Dominator GAME

In the beginning of 22nd century, a supernova explosion from the Taurus α destroyed over 95% modern civilization. Some people turned into undead zombies, The human being is going to inevitable destruction by the massive population reduce.

After all country falls the cyborg manufacturer ICBM rised and became the dominator for all survivors from the world wide battle against the Noah lead by android called Caesar who built the Machine City in the Arctic Circle. The ICBM and The Great Seven built the Gaia City from the ashes for the humans left and keep providing the Cyborg Technology to human world. The Gaia’s has unique device “HEXAD” to collect and absorb the Quantum Cubes in the air to make weapon to defend the Gaia.

Game features

· Match 2 with a brand new way to play: Eliminate the squares, charge your army to destroy the enemy!
Over 100 Heroes from 4 different factions are awaits to collect
· Explore - Follow the story-line of new mercenary to explore the machine City Gaia.
· Raid - Challenge the world's dominator with friends and replace them.
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