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How many of us stand guilty of Doodling Doodle Art during meetings or lectures? Doodling Doodle Art has become synomous with day-dreaming as depicted by the media in movies, TV shows and even cartoons. At first glance, it does seem that doodling has a negative connotation equating to being distracted from the main activity at hand. You aren’t paying attention on what you’re supposed to be focused on, because it bores you. As a result, you miss out details of the meeting or lecture and eventually regrets not paying attention to it. But there’s a plus side to doodling: when we doodle, we do it semi-consciously. This subconsciousness is how we actually access our most creative self and come up with brilliant ideas for even our most troubling problems.

Doodling Doodle Art is a great, fun way of expressing yourself. But it's often underrated as an art form. Yet doodle art can help you learn how to draw and make a great addition to your design portfolio – as highlighted by these brilliant examples of Doodling Doodle Art.

In spite of what you may have been told in high school history class, drawing in doodles is not a bad thing. In fact, quite the opposite. Doodling Doodle Art can have a profound impact on the way we can process information and figure out solutions to problems.

This Doodling Doodle Art is a free-form drawing project that deals with the elements of design – colour, line, shape, form and texture. Very wonderful detailed works of art can be achieved by simply doodling.

Combining child-like doodles with expressive illustrations, they show how Doodling Doodle Art can be used to create beautiful and arresting designs. Who knew there were so many doodle art styles? Take a look at some of the Doodle Art Activities We have listed in Doodling Doodle Art app. They work great in the classroom setting as well as with families. They are all relatively simple to do, but is fun for all ages. They can also be modified for different grades and purposes. Take a look!

As you shall see in the following over 50 awesome Doodling Doodle Art, creativity knows no boundaries with doodlers. Doodling has gotten so popular that some has come to terms with it as doodle art. It’s about time we recognize the unlimited creativity that doodling has access to.

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