Survive, or dead by daylight, struggl for survival with beauty in the doomsday!


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Apr 11, 2024
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Doomsday Fantasy: Eros GAME

In the world of 《Doomsday Fantasy: Eros》,the shadow of the apocalypse has engulfed the entire Earth. A sudden disaster has shattered civilization, pushing humanity to the brink of survival. Confronted with hordes of the undead, a group of beautiful women takes up arms and, under your leadership, provides shelter for the last surviving humans.

Once elite members of various fields, they now wield weapons and join the battle for survival as the world faces its end. In a world ravaged by ruins and overrun by zombies, they bravely confront various dangers and challenges.

Each beautiful lady possesses different personalities and skills. Some are gentle ladies, some are innocent maidens, some are wise teachers, and some are like the girl next door. Each of them plays an indispensable role in this post-apocalyptic world, supporting and cooperating with each other to face unprecedented crises.

In the game, players will lead these brave women, spending time with them, nurturing relationships, and embarking on the journey of survival together. You will search for resources in the ruins, battle dangerous zombies and villains who covet these girls, establish secure shelters, and uncover the hidden truth behind the apocalypse to become the ultimate hero. Only through cooperation and courage can you survive in this harsh world.

Now, the world awaits your arrival. Join 《Doomsday Fantasy: Eros》and challenge the fate of the apocalypse with your girls!
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