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Doramon Cartoon Colouring Book


This colouring game is easy. Color your drawings in this cartoon painting game.


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Aug 6, 2022

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Doramon Cartoon Colouring Book Game

How to play▶️

In this painting game, the selected colors will be given below, all those buttons have a number written on them, by tapping on the button of that color you can select it, then tap any part in the given cartoon drawing and colour it. 🎅

You have to fill the color in all the given parts to complete the level. If you want, you can enlarge the picture of the drawing with the help of two fingers which can be filled in some small parts. You can play the next level only after completing one level. 😀

There are so many outstanding paintings collections to colour. 👪

There are easy cartoon drawing levels at first but there are also many challenging levels also available at certain stages. 🕹️

There is a surprise reward painting in every 5 levels you have to get rewarded to open those surprising coloring drawings. 🧸

You can zoom in and pan picture canvas to find a small part of the cartoon drawing. Simply tap on the grey color to fill the colour in it. Fill in all colors that appear at the bottom and complete the level and unlock the next level. 🔍

Every painting picture is marked by numbers there is a color button that appears at the bottom tap and fills the colours to complete the level. 😍

You can always play any levels that you previously unlock at any time if you want. 😘

As you Complete Level You can Share your Fantastic drawings with your friends and family, let everyone see your outstanding colouring art. 🎭


-🎨 If you are not getting small parts of the picture, then you can use the Hint button given above.

- 🎨 You can share your complete cartoon picture with your friends and family.

- 🎨 300+ different cartoon pictures are given in this game.
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