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Latest Version

Version1.08 (8)
UpdatedApr 29, 2017
DeveloperMoo Job
CategoryGames, Arcade

Dork game

A silly, fast-paced, retro-1980s-arcade-style, absurdly fun 1-button game.

A fast-paced retro-arcade action game, with a unique twist: you control the entire game with a single button (or by clicking anywhere on the screen).

48 levels, ranging from easy to insane! (Or 55, if you count the boring "training" levels.)

You control a little yellow Dork-bug. When you press a key or the mouse button, he jumps in whichever direction he's facing, until he reaches something he can land on or bounce off of. Usually he's sitting on the edge of a rotating wheel or a conveyor belt, so you can control where he goes by waiting for just the right moment to jump.

Then there is the usual collection of targets you have to hit to finish the level, evil monsters you have to avoid, special objects that let you defeat the monsters, and a few surprises you won't find out about until you play the game.

This version of Dork is supported by advertisements. An ad-free version will be available soon for a small purchase price.
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