Double Battery Booster Pixel OFF 30x Fast Charging APK

Double Battery Booster Pixel OFF 30x Fast Charging can boost and save battery

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UpdatedSep 01, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperPhoto Video Vault Security
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If you are looking for an application which will help you to charge your phone quickly and smart battery boost saver app that extends your battery life up to 50%. Single tap battery saver can save power just one tap then you are in right place with Double Battery Booster Pixel OFF 30x Fast Charging.

Double Battery Booster Pixel OFF 30x Fast Charging is an advance way for ultra faster charging and battery saver app with pixel off technique. We implement the best way for a quick charge with pixel off effect and power booster features.

This application have an ultimate tool, which can boost your fast charger speed and it automatically activates when you connect your wireless charger. Enjoy the incredible power boosting experience and never worry about your phone again!

With it have many features like including power consumption ranking, memory scrubbing, and background task shut-down, you can easily change the saving mode and extent batteries life.

This app is the most efficient and professional android power booster. This application helps a user to save battery life just in one click whenever it starts trickles. This smart optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable settings for killing background running apps while functioning as memory cleaner, task killer, and ram booster for a better performance.

In this app, there is a great function named as pixeloff, It means whenever you want to increase batteries life it will turn off pixels of the screen so that you will definitely save batteries life for faster charger app.

How to use this application

★ Open this application when you want to extend battery life boost
★ Just click on optimize and see the magic it will kill all background process and turn off all tools which drain more batteries for faster cleaner
★ Whenever you plug-in the screen comes on your screen named as fast charging screen. Same way it will help you for quick charging. You can enable and disable from setting in fast charge.
★ When you click start quick charging then it will automatically turn off pixels and your charging will be more fast battery charger app and it will be a boost.

Key features of this application

★ Quick charge: Simply this application have best technique for quickly charging
★ Auto off tools: Some off tools are taking too many powers so that this application turn off automatically like low brightness, turn off auto rotation, Bluetooth and screen timeout
★ Accurate battery repair: In this app, we can easily repair batteries on just single tap
★ Unique stage fast charger system: Unique stage is like tickle change in three steps
★ Accurate detail: It gives perfect detail like temperature, voltage, level, technology, and health to fast charge detail
★ One tap optimization: Extend life on one tap for ultra fast charger and fast charge

Double Battery Booster Pixel OFF 30x Fast Charging is the simplest way to keep your battery healthy by stopping power consuming application, monitoring status and cool down the temperature.

Email: photovideovault@gmail.com

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