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Download favorite posts from Internet using Download Manager for social media!

Version1.0.6 (17)
UpdatedDec 07, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperDominator House
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This app allows you to download video/image posts of instagram, all whatsapp status which user has already seen, video posts of facebook and musical.ly videos.

Social media is a great place to share your stuff and communicate with the world with lots of posts, images, videos and stories! You might have also been downloading your favorite ones too.

There can be various problems while downloading posts of different file types like java, apk files, pdf and etc. But not to worry now because Download manager for social media will help you out to download all the files with greater ease. You just goto to select your posts/image/video to download, and leave it all to the app after that.

Here are the Salient features of this App -

1. Downloads Stuff of all file types -

This is the best one you would rather see in any app of this kind. You can download the files of any type. Whether the videos, images, posts, documents etc. are in any programming language, with download manager for social media you can easily download all them.

2. Speed Download -

An ace feature of this app is the speed at which it downloads your files. The app performs downloading files in parallel parts to accelerate the speed of downloading. It can also be run in the background to allow you work on your other tasks in your device.

3. Download Extensions -

The app offers vast download extensions. You can download several files at a time(simultaneously) or in a queue. You can use the files on the offline mode as well. The app’s optimized support lets it run on any device whether it is Android, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat or anything else.

4. Language support -

The app supports multilingual features. Along with english, you can also use the app in any of the world’s famous language types like French, Spanish etc.

5. Social media Downloading -

You love facebook, you can download facebook videos by using this app. If you’re an Instagram fan, you can save the posts, image and videos posted in it. You can download every video, audio or image files from any social media platform using this app.

6. Downloading Options -

It’s all up to you to download the files. Which files you wanna save and which not you can easily decide and schedule to download as well. You can also enable/disable the notifications in the status bar as per your wish. If you want to add links to your fields, then also you can do it because the app provides options to add links humanly.

7. Easy Data Transfer -

The app pose easy data transferring options. All the downloaded files can be transferred from your device directly through this app. Also this is possible to select the buffer size to optimize the data transfer, thereby making your data easy to see and handle as well.

Additional Features Provided In The App:

There are lots of data available in the social media platform. It’s important for you to know what will be the right data for you to download. The app helps you to check and find the relevant data and download it. Unlike other apps, it downloads the data in a faster manner, and also provides you reliable data as well.

The app also provides multitasking options to you, as it can be run in the background, so you can be easily able to do other tasks in your device after setting your files to download in the app. The app also supports downloading large files, so there will be no storage problem while you will download the files.

One other good use of this app is that it downloads the stuff for free! You just need you internet connection and your account login creds, rest else will work fine and well. So use this app for downloading your favorite stuff from all the social media platforms!

Email: sumit@dominatorhouse.com

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