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May 5, 2017
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dPocket Studio is a non-destructive recording and mixing environment for Android that allows you to record and mix two tracks together. Included in the app are 20 royalty free samples for you to mix with and you can always load your own MP3s from your device’s storage or SD card. It supports 16 bit, 8kHz – 192kHz audio recording and processing, and when you’ve put together your latest track, you can simply upload to Google Drive or email it to friends. You can mixdown all your tracks to WAV files, and everything is stored on your SDcard in the ‘dPocket’ folder. Ideally this app aims to help artists experiment with sound and instruments to find that new sound that they’ve been looking. The WAV file can be taken to recording studios for further processing and fine tuning, with the goal for artists of any genre or create a new genre and make the next big hit.

2.26Ghz Quad Core Processor (LG Nexus 5)
2 GB Ram


- Record, edit and trim voice and/or instrument recordings
- Move a track along the Timeline so that it plays at a different point in time in the mix
- 10 independent recordable tracks
- 16 bit, 8kHz - 192kHz audio recording and processing
- 20 royalty free samples
- Load your own samples or mp3s from your SDcard
- Mixdown all tracks and export to WAV
- Export and load your song/beat into FruityLoops (FL Studio), Adobe Audition or Pro Tools!
- Send tracks via eMail
- Transfer songs via Bluetooth
- Upload songs to Google Drive

-Demo Restrictions-
Recording time limit is one minute.

-Helpful Hint-
In order to prevent the app from re-recording itself, It's VERY IMPORTANT to use headphones to keep the recordings clean.

Some devices do not have the hardware to process in sync recordings and instrumental playback. To resolve this issue, adjust the microphone offset in settings.

Tracks are saved to "dPocket" folder on SD Card.

More Royalty Free Samples can be found at

Naticis is not an affiliate with the websites listed above.

You can purchase the dPocket Studio Key (sold separate) to remove the recording limitation.

This is an evolving app. Any suggestions or glitches, please feel free to email me and I will attempt to implement the change into the app.

Please send feedback to: dejean@naticis.com
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