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Dr CoBi (Dress Color Bind) - PRO APK

Dr CoBi Matches clothes by colors, Match the colors, it's a Color Blind helper!

Version2.4 (14)
UpdatedNov 20, 2017 (3 years ago)
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You're color-blind or you're simply buying a cloth and you don't know what, in your wardrobe, can you bind together with the dress that you would like to buy?
The answer is Dr CoBi (Dress Color Bind) !

Dr CoBi helps the color blindness people to see the colors around them. It also allows people with normal vision to match clothes by colors.

Do you want to know what color is something? Now you do not have to ask a friend: Open Dr CoBi to get a descriptive name, such as "Blue Slate".

Dr CoBi has powerful features to make sure you do not need anyone's help to see the colors.

* Frame a dress and thanks to the pointer you will know what color you are watching.
* Save the picture of your dress and bind it to its colors
* Add many colors to the same picture and create your wardrobe
* With a simple click you can see which colors are best matched.
* By pressing another button, otherwise , you can get a ranking of your dress based on the goodness of the match with the color you are pointing.

What are you waiting for? Try Dr CoBi and write your own review!

It is an ideal app for those who have trouble matching dress colors.
Born out of the need for color-blind like me, forced to seek help to know what is buying or to know what bind together with what they are seeing.

For better color rendering, choose a light that does not severely affect the rendering of the camera. Avoid dark environments or with colored lights etc.

* Added the Backup feature
  The files will be saved in the "MPD / BACKUP" folder.
  To load a backup, follow these steps:
       1) Delete the application data from the "APP" menu on your mobile phone
       2) Open the application and press the button to select the file and go to the folder "MPD / BACKUP"

Copy the entire "MPD" folder to the new device and then follow the steps for importing the backup file.

What's New

Improved algorithm for color recognition


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