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Dr Diary is designed for BMA members who are consultants or SAS (staff, associate specialist and specialty) doctors in the UK, on the latest versions of their contracts.

It’s a work diary for doctors who want to understand their working patterns and take control of their professional development. The diary allows users to record their programmed activities on the go and download reports via the web app, to gather insight on their job plan.

Use the app to accurately reflect the reality of your work and how much time you spend on different PAs (programmed activities / sessions). Identify patterns to help plan future work and demonstrate areas for negotiation at your appraisals and job plan review meetings.

Key features include:

• Personalise the list of activities to fit the nature of your work, including DCC (direct clinical care), SPA (supporting professional activities), academic work and more

• Add details from your job plan to compare it against your actual workload in reports

• Select work categories in your contract, as well as details of private practice and leave

• Record on-call periods and work done while on call

• Track your work for more than one employer

• Choose either 30-minute or 15-minute time slots

• Duplicate a whole day or week of activities

• Update your diary while offline.

The Dr Diary app is designed for use with the web app. Once you have added at least a week of activities, log in at to create and download reports. Add at least six to eight weeks of data to view up to six reports, showing the type of work you do and what it means in terms of PAs/sessions.

What's New

• It’s now easier to add activities that take place over more than one day i.e. shift work and on-call periods that end the next day.
• Activity end times automatically update to reflect changes to activity start times – this means less scrolling!
• Stay in the app when you need to register or have forgotten your login details.
• You can now find the help videos in the app. Get guides for: getting started, setting up work activities and generating reports.

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Dr Diary 4.5.1

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4.5.1 (40501) 2019-06-27
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