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Drag racing Cars Wallpapers is a wonderful program with features:
- More than 50 high-quality images that are sure to satisfy your needs!
- Only images of drag racing cars!
- Ability to have selected to install any picture as wallpaper for your android device.
- Download any picture on your phone or tablet.
- Select the part of the wallpaper that you like.
- Optimized once the size of your device.
- Optimized for both phone and tablet under!

Some interesting information about drag racing cars:

Drag racing - racing, which is a stop at the sprint distance of 402 meters (? mile). Less races are held on the ? mile (approx. 804 m), 1/8 mile (201 m) or a volumetric mile (1609 m). In fact, drag racing is a race to accelerate, which is done on a straight track.

Competition in drag racing can be performed on almost any type of transport, but for professional races are built special vehicles, called dregster. By design dregster represents the best lightweight design with a powerful motor, controls, by contrast, are often quite primitive as the competitions are held on a perfectly straight line. Professional dregster have engine capacity of more than 6000 liters. p. and reach 8000 liters. p. in the higher categories under its own weight of less than one tonne.

Drag racing has existed in both street racing and regulated motorsport forms since automobiles and motorcycles were developed. The street racing form, which is illegal, is covered elsewhere; this article covers the legal sport.

Before each race (commonly known as a pass), each driver is allowed to perform a burnout, which heats the driving tires and lays rubber down at the beginning of the track, improving traction. Each driver then lines up (or stages) at the starting line.

To allow different cars to compete against each other, some competitions are raced on a handicap basis, with faster cars delayed on the start line enough to theoretically even things up with the slower car.

What's New

- bugs fixed

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