Description: Dragon Craft Add-on MCPE APK

UpdatedApr 26, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 26, 2019 (11 months ago)
DeveloperEbba Schwalbe Ekström
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This add-on makes it possible for you to have your pet dragon fly to the skies.

If you love the End Dragon so much, then you must like this add-on. This add-on makesi t possible for you to have your own pet dragon and fly on it in the skies. There’s no longer needed (if there ever was any) to be bored in Minecraft!

DRAGONCRAFT is an add-on that adds more dragons to the game. Currently it includes 6 different dragons and all of them can be domesticated / tamed with rotten flesh.

By killing a wild dragon (you can find them spawning randomly in your world) you will be getting 1 dragon egg. You can use that to get your own dragon and then ride it in the skies.

The dragon eggs can be incubated by giving them 1 diamond. When you give it the diamond, it will start to shake and you will have protect it when it’s born since any hostile mob will attempt to kill it.

The hostile dragons have between 150 – 200 of HP.
Tamed dragons have 200 HP, and you can add armor to it to give them more protection.
The dragons eggs take approximately 2 minutes to hatch.
You can ride tamed dragons. You can fly them by giving them a chicken feather or by simply jumping.
If you have a cane with a carrot, you can go faster.
Dragons are tamed with rotten meat.
You can put a chest on the dragon and then will get 15 inventory slots.