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First grade learning games with the cute dragons!

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Do you ever wonder how it feels like to play with a dragon? We do too!

Coming from uncharted lands to help keep your learners delightfully captivated, the Family Play dragon aims to bring an exciting and meaningful learning experience for your third grader in this new Dragon First Grade Learning Games.

Boasting twelve lovingly crafted exercises this dragon-themed educational tool was custom made for your second grader to provide a pleasant experience in their quest to acquire the key skills for First Grade Math and English. The fun-filled English exercises highlights reading, writing and critical thinking skills through activities involving vocabulary, contractions, spelling and more. The Math drills on one hand, focuses on problem solving, making connections and decisions in real life through activities that enhances your first graders’ facility in counting, comparison, math operations, etc..

It boasts an interesting mix of activities that touches the following content areas:

Math Activities:
• Fractions – understand and identify fractions using visual models.
• Number Sorting – arrange the numbers to ascending or descending order
• Math Bingo – develop arithmetic fluency by answering addition exercises with the help of a fun bingo board.
• Counting – reinforce counting skills by counting in multiples of 2s, 4s, 5s, and 10s.
• Grade 1 Addition and Subtraction – build up fluency of math operations by completing the simple addition or subtraction equations.
• Size Games – compare and sort objects from smallest to biggest.

English Activities
• Parts of a Sentence – familiarize and identify frequently occurring nouns, verbs or adjectives
• Contractions – know the placement of apostrophe to form contractions. Familiarize commonly contracted phrases.
• Grade 1 Spelling – strengthen letter recognition by matching the letter to its shadow and learn the correct spelling of Grade 1 sight words.
• First Grade Matching – build up the vocabulary and motor skills by drawing a line to match the animal name and its picture.
• Word Bingo – develop listening comprehension and learn more sight words by identifying the spoken word from the bingo board list.
• Alphabet and vowels – facilitate the ability to identify and sort the alphabet and vowels through a pop-the-bubble activity.

• Colorful interface with a dragon-themed animation and sound-effects
• Provides a variety of interactive and stimulating activities in one sitting
• Relevant and useful for first graders as it targets core skills on Grade 1 Math and English
• Can be used as a supplement for first graders who are having difficulty with Math and English
• Reinforces learning with positive encouragement for correct answers and gentle redirection for incorrect ones
• Allows mastery of skills: some activities have many levels of difficulty
• Two-in-one: covers fundamental skills in both First Grade Math and English

While acting as a channel for parent’s to bond with their children during family play time it can also be a tool for parents to become involved in their child’s learning through coaching. Parents can also monitor their children’s performance in each activity through the learning stat board that shows their scores and percentages.

We believe that children learn best in a warm, fun and relaxed environment, hence this app features a variety of activities that will engage every child’s attention and is a surefire means to give your child’s learning skills a boost.

This one is a must-have!

Email: support@familyplay.co

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